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2018 ANNOUNCEMENT: Havana Heritage Foundation Assumes Management of the Traveling Grant for Cuban Architects

 The Soane Foundation was pleased to partner with the Havana Heritage Foundation on the 2017 launch of a traveling grant program to enable Cuban architects to participate in a specialized study program with like-minded colleagues in London and the UK.  The program is intended to introduce Cuban architects to current techniques in architectural preservation and practices.  It fosters interaction with the international design community as this could play an important role  with the endless prospects for redevelopment of Cuba's rich architecture, and the need to protect it. 

The Havana Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce that it will be handling this program under its own auspices and continuing the relationship with The Prince’s Foundation and other valued partners for 2018 and beyond.  The Havana Heritage Foundation is based in New York City. Its mission is to help preserve, protect and restore the rich architectural and cultural heritage in Havana.


Sir John Soane's Museum Foundation presented the inaugural 2017 Traveling Grant for Cuban Architects in cooperation with The Prince's Foundation Summer School and with cooperation from INTBAU Cuba, the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba and Havana Heritage Foundation.

PDF Recap of 2017

Havana, 6 December 2017:  Daniel Muñoz Cedeño and Ailyn Lázara Pentón Ansia made a presentation hosted by Ludwig Foundation to discuss and share their experiences, knowledge and training gained during their time in the United Kingdom.

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